Regulatory analaysis ideas and insights

  • Local zoning regulations are in desperate need of reform
    I wouldn’t usually share a Reddit post, but an Australian Reddit user posted a tragicomic takedown of his/her local zoning regulations that are over 1,100 pages in length (see below). The 1,100 pages are a litany of prescriptive use rules detailing every aspect of what can be built where with little economic or social reasoning. […]
  • The consequences of a delay in COVID19 vaccine approval
    In an unusal step, the European Medicines Agency chided the UK for a ‘hasty’ decision to approve Pfizer’s vaccine nearly a month before the EU expects to give approval. The UK, one of the worst hit European countries, has given emergency approval to the vaccine to help control the spread of COVID19. As early as […]
  • Why did countries with a better business environment control COVID19 better?
    By Eric ThomsonHong Kong during COVID19. Photo by Elton Yung on Unsplash Jacinda Ardern has been widely praised for her swift COVID19 response that has made New Zealand a poster child for tackling the virus. Now, New Zealand’s economy is set for a quicker rebound than most other Western countries, who continue to grapple – often unsuccessfully with […]

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