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  • Business Red Tape and the Economy
    How much does bureaucracy hurt incomes? A lot. Since 2006, the World Bank has compiled the Ease of Doing Business Index – a measure of a country’s regulatory burden across 12 critical areas of running a company that affect virtually all businesses, regardless of sector. But how exactly does bureaucracy distort the economy, and how […]
  • The Macroeconomic Impacts of Industrial Regulation
    How can governments analyse the broader economic effects of proposed regulations in an interconnected economy? Governments change hundreds if not thousands of regulations and laws every year, ostensibly to protect citizens’ health and safety and to assure the proper functioning of free markets. These regulations are only effective with compliance, which necessarily means that businesses […]
  • The Double Diamond Design Process for Policy
    How a framework from product and service design would help policymakers find the right programs and regulations to solve societal problems Through my many years working with regulators and policymakers, I have heard that they often struggle at the earliest stages of designing regulation. Often the impetus to develop a new program or regulation starts […]

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