Laws and regulations touch virtually every single market, product and service available in today’s economies. Regulations protect the safety and health of citizens, safeguard the environment, support competition, and, in some cases, establish markets themselves. But they have costs.

Designing effective and efficient regulation remains an elusive goal across the world. Poorly conceived regulation that does not meet society’s needs or places too heavy a burden on businesses is, unfortunately, the rule rather than the exception.

Businesses and governments rarely understand each other well. Governments often lack the necessary expertise to understand the impacts a regulation will have on an industry. Businesses often have trouble communicating their position in a way that the government will consider credible and useful within its decision-making framework.

Eric has spent ten years working in regulatory affairs both with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and as a consultant for the Canadian government and industry groups on understanding the socioeconomic impacts of regulation. He provides regulatory affairs and economics consulting to both industry and government.

Partner firm

For larger or more extensive projects, Eric is paired with RIAS Inc – a consortium of Canadian experts with decades of experience in developing and evaluating regulation.