Envelope Economics specializes in regulatory affairs, socioeconomic modelling, cost-benefit analysis and applied policy research.

Socioeconomic Modelling

Government and the private sector need to know their broader impact on the economy. Combining various economic models (such as Statistics Canada’s Input-Output Model) with various other methods and data, we can create a whole picture of the economic impact of a whole industry or a small investment project, including impacts on GDP, employment, trade, and incomes. These studies do not need to be complex and can be tailored to clients needs. A project could be a short paragraph to enhance a funding proposal to a complex papers with an advanced look at environmental and health effects.

Relevant Projects:

  • Canada’s Aquaculture Industry: Potential Production Growth and Footprint
  • Health Impact of Fish Consumption in Canada
  • Economic Impact of Investment in Shaftesbury Studio on Ontario and Canada

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A cost-benefit analysis is used to support decision making for government and businesses. It weighs the benefits and costs of new regulations, policy, or investment not just on businesses or citizens but the whole country.  Significant research is completed to ensure that as many costs and benefits are quantified to best represent the various options. Envelope Economics has been involved in many stages of the CBA process.

Relevant Projects:

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed Temporary Resident Biometrics Regulations
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of E. Coli Cattle Vaccine in Canada
  • Profile of Affected Parties: Canada’s Railway Transportation Industry
  • Cost-benefit Identification Session: Canada’s Feed and Fertilizer Regulations
  • Case Studies and Tools for Ontario RIA Training

Economics Research

Envelope Economics also provides research support, such as literature reviews, meta-analysis, what-if analysis and document searches in a wide variety of areas.

Relevant Projects:

  • The Value of Plant Science Innovation to Canadians (socioeconomic study)
  • Literature Review of Canadian Trucking Standards in Canada
  • Summaries of Benefits and Programs for Canada/U.S. Regulatory Harmonization and Cooperation in 6 Key Areas
  • Comparing Canada’s Salmon Farming Productivity Across Countries

Training and courses

Eric has provided training with RIAS Inc and the OECD of one to five days on a variety of topics related to cost-benefit analysis, measuring administrative burdens, economics and governance of regulation.

  • Visiting Faculty at the Forum of Indian Regulators
  • Workshop on Cost-benefit Analysis for the Ontario Government
  • Over a dozen short training sessions on CBA and regulation across several OECD and non-OECD countries

Other Economics Research and Commentary

Note: All of the above reports above are available for free, but are copyright of their respective institutions.

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