Services for Government

Regulatory impact analysis and economic studies can help the government identify ways to make regulation more effective and efficient at meeting the government’s objectives.

Subject matter experts are often not policymakers and need support and guidance to understand how their proposed initiatives will work when they hit the market.

Solid socioeconomic analysis can be used to break deadlocks between the government and key stakeholders by informing decision makers about how each stakeholder will be impacted. It can clarify the pros and cons of a policy and identify who will be affected.

Envelope Economics services to government include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis and RIAS: Performing a thoughtful and thorough cost-benefit analysis of a regulation or policy proposal
  • Training and guidance: Providing training courses on measuring administrative burdens, benefits and costs of regulation
  • Stakeholder identification: Identifying key stakeholders and their motivations
  • Regulatory policy analysis: Making recommendations on how to establish a public governance structure to support good regulation and decision making