There Is No ‘Competitive Economy’ On/Off Switch

As anticipated by many observers, elections in Greece ended in stalemate as many Greeks elected to support the Coalition of the Radical Left and other anti-austerity parties over that the two traditional parties, New Democracy and PASOK. One of the bailout conditions that the leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left, Alexis Tsipras, refuses to… Read More

Across the Eurozone, Citizens Vote Out Austerity Governments

World stocks continue to oscillate with every bond sale and finance minister utterance in the 17 member Eurozone. Yet, the underlying reality is that the situation hasn’t changed at all. Matthew O’Brien has a nice summary in The Atlantic. It’s tragicomic. Southern Europe already has an unemployment crisis. Their depression-levels of joblessness are a dagger… Read More

The Mobile Phone’s Rise in Developing Countries

Saying that developing countries ‘leapfrogged’ tradition information communication technology adoption is a massive understatement. Ten years ago, cell phones and traditional landlines were virtually non-existent in low income countries. In 2002, there was less than one cell phone per 100 people in UN least-developed countries compared to 64 cell phones per 100 people in the… Read More