The Argument for Better Access to AEDs

I recently took my very first First Aid course with CPR and AED certification for St. John’s ambulance and I was astounded to learn how effective Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are at saving lives. In cases of cardiac arrest, an AED can double the rate of survival from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (Weisfeldt et. al.).… Read More

The Great Manufacturing On-shoring

Tim Worstall at Forbes brings up an important point about the recent increases in wages and working conditions in China for major American tech companies. These manufacturers would allow wages and conditions to stagnate to maintain a competitive cost edge over other firms, but the inevitable Chinese labour shortages have increasingly given employees the upper… Read More

Economists Agree: Corporate Taxes Should Be As Low As Possible

While President of the United States, Harry Truman made a remarkably succinct observation on economists. He said, ‘Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say ‘On the one hand on the other’. Economists tend to be a divided¬†bunch¬† – Winston Churchill once said ‘If you put two economists in a room, you get two… Read More

For Now, Global Turmoil will not Phase Canada’s Economy

Canada’s economy has avoided the effects of global financial turmoil thanks to a hot housing market and the end of some temporary economic shocks. GDP is set to have its strongest quarter since the fourth quarter of 2010, offsetting the temporary weakness from the second quarter. Growth in July and August was quite solid, and… Read More

Opposing Political and Economic Forces Set to Tear Eurozone Apart

Nouriel Roubini has criticized the European Central Bank for being a lender of last resort – a buyer for European bonds when interest rates become unsustainably high. However, politics is stopping the use of monetary policy, which could soften the economic blow to countries facing severe austerity measures. In a NY times piece today, a… Read More

The Possible End of the Euro in Peripheral Countries

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced yesterday, the only way forward for the Euro is for a full political and fiscal union of the member countries. With small peripheral Euro economies, the need for political and fiscal integration was apparent from the start. However, lacking political will, it was impossible to implement. Now with anti-EU… Read More

Why Isn’t Obama Considering a Consumption Tax?

Obama’s debt-reduction plan is unlikely to pass Republican-dominated congress because of its focus on higher taxes for the rich, ie. those making over $250,000 a year, as well as higher investment taxes. In total, Obama hopes to take $1.5 trillion more from wealthy Americans. Unfortunately, higher income taxes reduce the incentive to work and higher… Read More