Services for Industry

In Canada, the regulatory burden continues to climb after unconvincing attempts by the federal and provincial governments to reduce red tape. Many industries inside Canada and internationally deal with jungles of administration that serve neither society’s nor businesses’ interests.  

Across the world, governments have mostly taken a rather haphazard approach to how they balance the benefits of regulation with their negative impacts on businesses.

In this environment, it’s critical that businesses can use clear and transparent analysis of regulation to support their industry’s international and national competitiveness.

Among other things, Envelope Economics is able to:

  • Measure the direct impacts of regulation on your industry (the costs of implementing regulations and dealing with paperwork)
  • Quantify the total impact your industry has on the overall economy and the macroeconomic effects of regulation
  • Advocate for regulations that will support your industry while meeting the government’s socioeconomic goals
  • Communicate with government in a way that they understand, using the same kind language and analysis that they use